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NYC Getaway to New Paltz

I had an awesome weekend in New Paltz. We stayed in a lovely B&B (wrote a review here). Here are the things we did:

  • Hiked Mohonk Preserve
  • Ran on the Wallkill Rail Trail
  • Stand-up paddle boarding in Beacon, NY
  • Ran trails around the Mohonk preserve
  • Checked out various farm to table restaurants in New Paltz
  • Managed to watch two world cup matches in addition to the above!

Mark had a mini incident where he fell off his paddle board and sliced his finger (was SO tempted to post the picture, but i shall save everyone from the gory bloody horror). Otherwise, the trip went really smoothly.

Now I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to farm for a living. (Let’s pretend I haven’t seen the price tags, shall we?)

Seriously, I think I am born free spirited and it’s in my nature to be. What am I doing working in finance???

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