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Bike Crash at Prospect Park in NYC

Mark crashed his bike today trying to avoid a pedestrian. We were riding downhill at high speed, and a pedestrian decided to cross the road despite seeing us heading full speed in her direction, then stopped in the middle of the road ride before he was right in front of her. He swerved to avoid her (she was fine).

I was right behind him but was able to avoid the crash. The last thing I remembered was seeing Mark slide to the ground with his bike.

Cycling is dangerous sport.. And I have to constantly remind myself of that. This was probably nothing compared to the crashes you see on pro bike tours, but it could’ve been a lot worse. Mark had a deep abrasion on his waist, and less serious abrasion on his forearm and shoulder.

Be safe all. And please look both ways before crossing any open roads (and please err on the side of caution before crossing the road, bikes are not cars but they could be going really fast too).

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